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Rebuild the local economy with smart development projects to create jobs

Pacific Boulevard was once a thriving shopping destination for decades but has been in decline and so is the rest of the city. As many of the surrounding Southeast Cities have welcomed new economic developments, Huntington Park is still falling behind. Using my experience as a Planning Commissioner as a strong foundation, I can build partnerships with economic innovators to establish diverse businesses in the city. My ultimate goal is to bring in a diverse set of companies and organizations that offer living wage jobs and are reflective of today’s open economy.

End Corruption and the closed Door Culture in City Hall

Recently, the LA Times released a report proving what we’ve known all along. Under the direction of her master manipulator Efren Martinez, Karina Macias uses her position on the Huntington Park City Council for financial gain. Karina Macias part of a large corruption web in Huntington Park where our current city leaders use contracts as a way to offer their friends huge payouts, upwards of $3 million, shamelessly fundraise money for their own political campaigns and put money into their own pockets. The District Attorney has started an investigation to review her illegal actions. 

This isn’t the type of leadership that Huntington Park deserves. I am fed up with the same corrupt pay for play politics that plague the Southeast. It is time that our city’s residents have leaders who have integrity and honesty and who have the best interest of our community at heart, who can finally bring positive changes to Huntington Park.

Protect Educational Choice in Huntington Park

A moratorium recently enacted by the Huntington Park City Council in a 4-1 vote to end the building and opening of any new Charter School in the city for one year. I spoke out in solidarity with the many Charter School parents who were in attendance of that meeting for putting Huntington Park at risk of another lawsuit for illegally using zoning laws to create education policy. I recognize the important role ALL schools have in Huntington Park. I am committed to reversing this moratorium when elected because I believe strongly in educational choice where parents can choose the best option to receive the highest quality of education for their children, whether it be traditional public schools, charter schools or private schools. 

Other Priorities Include:

  • Protect our residents from the negative health effects of Exide Technologies 
  • Protect the Huntington Park Police Department from plans to dismantle
  • Expand services for youth and seniors that help them thrive and remain healthy 
  • Clean and fix our city streets